Important Notices

We are within days of welcoming delegates to Salvage and Wolverhampton, and are loading new information and updates  onto the website daily: see especially the updated information on the Programme, Excursions, and Delegate Information.

If you are on Twitter, we will be using #CompLit16 next week, so please join in the conversation!

Further important requests (contact us at ):

  1. Those coming by car who require a parking space should let us know by Friday afternoon, 8 August, so that we can reserve the space.
  2. Friday afternoon, 8 August, is also the deadline for booking your place for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust excursion.
  3. If you are staying on until Saturday and are interested in the visit to Lichfield, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

The Conference Team


Conference Updates – Provisional Programme & Registration

We are delighted to announce a Provisional Programme as well as an allocation of papers and panels to ‘slots’ on each day. There may be some room for manoeuvre in exceptional circumstances, but we would hope this to be sufficiently settled to allow delegates to make any arrangements dependent upon knowing when sessions are going to take place. We have done our best to take into account requests for scheduling and have managed to meet all requests in this regard, as far as we are aware.

Three ‘rolling’ calls for papers mean that decisions on the most recent proposals submitted were unavoidably made quite close to the ‘early bird’ fee registration deadline. We are therefore pleased to announce that the ‘early bird’ deadline has been extended until 10 June 2016, to allow colleagues who submitted proposals just before the call closed to request support or endorsement from their home institutions to attend the conference.

In order to get the information on time slots to you as quickly as possible, we have not yet included paper titles in the schedule, nor have we uploaded to the website a list of abstracts. These will follow shortly.

Final Call for Papers – 30 April Deadline

We’ve gathered an exciting group of international paper and panel proposals already, but places remain for more. We are pleased to announce, therefore, a third and final Call for Papers with a deadline of 30 April 2016.  For a PDF printout of the Third Call, click on the image below.

If your paper has already been accepted, Registration will be open shortly and we have loaded new information on travel and accommodation on the website. We look forward to seeing you in July!

BCLA2016 Third CFP - PDF

BCLA2016 Third CFP – PDF

World-Premiere Performance Planned for BCLA2016

The BCLA2016  ‘Salvage’ Conference is proud to present a world-premiere performance telling the story of the legendary Norman outlaw Aedric Silvaticus Salvage. The tale will be told by student dancers and actors directed by Peter Cann. Musical direction will be by Dr Chris Foster and scenography by Paul Brownbill. Please read on for a synopsis of the event.

Salvage (working title)

We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep
(Shakespeare, The Tempest)

Eadric2The performance will be based on fragments from the story of Wild Edric – or Aedric Silvaticus Salvage as he was known by the Normans.

He was a Shropshire warlord who was a leader in the rebellions against William I between 1068 and 1070. He finally submitted to Norman rule in 1070 and fought for William in his campaign against the Scots.

This much is documented – including his leadership of the Silvatici – the wild people. During the rebellion Edric’s soldiers became expert and successful guerrillas, spending much of their time living in the woods, emerging to harry the Normans, sacking towns and castles on the Welsh borders and disappearing again. These bands of Silvatici were the inspiration for the folktale of Robin Hood and his outlaws.

Then in the late eleventh century he disappeared and he became a legend. Continue reading

Welcome to Salvage

Welcome to the blog of the the XIVth Triennial BCLA Conference, Salvage.

In the run-up to the conference, this blog will keep delegates informed of the latest developments and announcements regarding the programme, registration, accommodation, excursions, and other matters of interest.

After the conference, the blog will continue to be a space where delegates can learn about follow-on projects and plans for publication.

Please feel free to post a comment or email the organisers at