Conference Updates – Provisional Programme & Registration

We are delighted to announce a Provisional Programme as well as an allocation of papers and panels to ‘slots’ on each day. There may be some room for manoeuvre in exceptional circumstances, but we would hope this to be sufficiently settled to allow delegates to make any arrangements dependent upon knowing when sessions are going to take place. We have done our best to take into account requests for scheduling and have managed to meet all requests in this regard, as far as we are aware.

Three ‘rolling’ calls for papers mean that decisions on the most recent proposals submitted were unavoidably made quite close to the ‘early bird’ fee registration deadline. We are therefore pleased to announce that the ‘early bird’ deadline has been extended until 10 June 2016, to allow colleagues who submitted proposals just before the call closed to request support or endorsement from their home institutions to attend the conference.

In order to get the information on time slots to you as quickly as possible, we have not yet included paper titles in the schedule, nor have we uploaded to the website a list of abstracts. These will follow shortly.

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