BCLA2016: Salvage

The University of Wolverhampton’s Faculty of Arts, and the Centre for Transnational & Transcultural Research, are proud to host the 14th International Triennial Conference of the British Comparative Literature Association.

BCLA2016: Salvage considers the international and transnational circulation of textuality in the broadest comparative and historical terms, not merely as a process that involves the perceived colossi of literature, but one that also charts the byways and alleyways of literary production, the sometimes hidden or obscured debts to individuals, coteries, and literary movements that might have formed (or will one day inform) other or new literary histories.

2016 is also the 400th anniversary of the deaths of Cervantes and Shakespeare, two writers  whose lives and works have been salvaged from historical documents, bad quartos, and hearsay so successfully that we hardly question their authenticity. Like any salvage operation, however, literary history has not only attempted to reconstitute the corpa of its hallowed authors, but it has also sanctioned generations of succeeding writers who have reused, recycled, and redeployed words, meanings, and forms through translation, parody, homage, pastiche, adaptation, allusion, intertextuality, and imitation. Salvage, too, knows no borders, as the mighty wrecks of Shakespeare and Cervantes demonstrate: while reclaimed for nationalist narratives, their works have been incorporated into the fabrics of many languages, literatures, and cultural settings.

Organising Committee

Coordinators: Dr Glyn Hambrook, Gabriela Steinke

Web design/management: Dr Benjamin Colbert

Committee members: Dr Rina Arya, Dr Nicola Allen, Dr Aidan Byrne, Dr Peter Day, Jacqueline Pieterick, Dr Victoria Thoms

External members:

  • Professor Dámaso López García, Universidad Complutense de Madrid & President: Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada
  • Dr Javier Pardo, Universidad de Salamanca

Academic (Scientific) Committee:

Members of the Organising Committee, plus

  • Professor Pere Gifra (Pompeu Fabra, Spain; International Corresponding Member, BCLA Executive Committee),
  • Dr Paula Guimarães (Universidade do Minho, Portugal),
  • Dr Richard Hibbitt (Leeds, UK; Assistant Editor, Comparative Critical Studies),
  • Dr Peter Jackson (Birmingham City University UK),
  • Professor Ludmilla Kostova (University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria)
  • Assoc. Professor Maike Oergel (Nottingham, UK; Co-Editor, Comparative Critical Studies),
  • Dr Mariangela Palladino (Keele, UK)
  • Thomas Knowles (Birmingham City University/Nottingham Trent University; Postgraduate Representative)

Interdisciplinary advisors:

  • Dr Simon Constantine (History, University of Wolverhampton)
  • Dr Anne Luke (Social Sciences, University of Derby)